September 5th – 25th, 2016
Baywalk Mall
Jakarta – Indonesia

After the Dunia Bricks 2016 experience, we decided to collaborate with fellow RLUG–Komunitas LUG Indonesia (KLI)–again, working on an even bigger project! This time around, we worked with Baywalk, a popular mall in the North Jakarta area, and decided to host a number of events, competitions and displays.

The official event brochure from Baywalk

Apart from the separate Olympic Bricks dioramas made by BhinnekaLUG and KLI respectively, we also presented Indonesia with its very first Minifigure Habitat!

The Minifigure Habitat was a joint collaboration between BhinnekaLUG and KLI, with participation open to the rest of the LEGO® community in Indonesia. Each “habitat” is an 8 x 8 stud and 8 bricks tall vignette depicting a specific minifigure’s home. The result was an awesome 1,094 individual habitats displayed altogether as one!

Even better, the Minifigure Habitat has been inducted into the Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia (MURI), the Indonesian equivalent of The Guinness World Records!

BhinnekaLUG members with the Minifig Habitat and MURI certificate.

A Challenging Centerpiece:

Baywalk Mall requested us to create a replica of their shopping mall in LEGO® form, and it was a tough challenge considering the size and unique shaping of the building. Nevertheless, our member, Anton Budiono, managed to whip up an impressive MOC as seen below:

Baywalk Mall South

Baywalk Mall North East

Olympic Bricks Diorama:

Of course, the main attraction was the huge diorama collaboratively created by members of BhinnekaLUG. We ran on a sports theme following the National Sports Day in Indonesia, and the result was a diorama brimming with minifigure activities in a bustling seaside city!

The seaside buzz
Jetski rapids!
Baywalk Mall towers over the sea…


Can’t have water sports without the popular banana boat! 
A little seaside wedding~


The front side of Baywalk overlooking a busy street.



The Minfigure Habitat:

Here’s the Minifigure Habitat up close:


Competitions and Events:

On the weekends, BhinnekaLUG and KLI collaboratively held competitions and MOC coaching clinics for the children. Here are some pictures of a tower building competition:


And sometimes the AFOLs can’t help but jump in too…


MURI Ceremony Event:

The head of MURI handing over the certificates to BhinnekaLUG and KLI.
The big family picture! BhinnekaLUG and KLI with the MURI certificates.