February 2nd – 4th, 2016
Istora Senayan
Jakarta – Indonesia

Kampus Kampus Favorit Jakarta (Jakarta’s Favorite Campuses) is an education convention held annually with many participating universities. One of BhinnekaLUG’s members, Dendi, is a professor teaching at Universitas Indraprasta (Unindra) and is joining in the event with his own university’s booth. As a great opportunity and idea to promote cultural diversity and the Indonesian heritage adopted by the universities using LEGO®, BhinnekaLUG decided to participate in the event and displayed a number of MOCs hosted in Unindra’s booth. The MOCs are thematically related to the Indonesian culture and education, and fit well with BhinnekaLUG’s own name–“Bhinneka” meaning “diversity”.

  • The Unindra Booth and its students:


  • Visitors looking curiously at the displays:


  • MOCs displayed at the event: