Held in one of our member house, Kosmas Santosa. Besides our regular meeting, this month meeting activity including preparing for our first LUG’s public display for our city’s Jakarta anniversary.

The theme is our city’s landmark building, monuments, and statues. The display will be held at Emporium Pluit Mall from June 6th to July 13th, 2015.

01_2015 May 31 Sunday

02_2015 May 31 Sunday

03_2015 May 31 Sunday

04_2015 May 31 Sunday

● Our cutest member:

05_2015 May 31 Sunday

● One of the MOC made by Dennis Qiu that collapsed:

06_2015 May 31 Sunday

● David Liming, preparing for our table display lamps and electricity:

07_2015 May 31 Sunday

● MOCs photo documentation process perform by Kosmas Santosa, the MOC below is Istiqlal Mosque made by Dendi Pratama:

08_2015 May 31 Sunday

● MOC by Erwin, Train Station Jakarta-Kota and Trans Jakarta bus stop:

09_2015 May 31 Sunday

● MOC by Hardy Harasaki, Taman Menteng Garden:

10_2015 May 31 Sunday

● Our planned layout for the display:

11_2015 May 31 Sunday

12_2015 May 31 Sunday

13_2015 May 31 Sunday

14_2015 May 31 Sunday

15_2015 May 31 Sunday

16_2015 May 31 Sunday

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