At Food Court Emporium Pluit Mall, from 14.00 – 18.00.

It’s a surprising month for all of us, since we’d got a surprise shipping directly from LEGO Billund Denmark, which are 60 free Winter Skating Scene set as a gift for any official LUGs all over the world 🙂

So this month gathering we gave a free Winter Skating scene set to our members who participated in our first LUG’s public display – Jakarta Brick City and use this chance to make an alternate building event based on that set.

● The surprising package:

01_2015 July 12th

02_2015 July 12th

● Our happy members face:

03_2015 July 12th

04_2015 July 12th

05_2015 July 12th

06_2015 July 12th

07_2015 July 12th

08_2015 July 12th

09_2015 July 12th

10_2015 July 12th

11_2015 July 12th

12_2015 July 12th

13_2015 July 12th

14_2015 July 12th

15_2015 July 12th

● Alternate Building challenge on spot activity based on that set:

19_2015 July 12th

18_2015 July 12th

17_2015 July 12th

16_2015 July 12th

20_2015 July 12th

● The alternate build activity result:

21_2015 July 12th

22_2015 July 12th

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