June, 6th – July, 12th, 2015
Emporium Pluit Mall
Jakarta – Indonesia

Our LUG (Lego User Group) first public display, celebrating Jakarta’s 488th anniversary with Jakarta’s landmark and famous building as the theme.

Jakarta Brick City

● Preparing to setup the display:

Jakarta Brick City_01

● Done!:

Jakarta Brick City_02

● Members who participated:

Jakarta Brick City_03

● Ondel-Ondel by Dendi Pratama.

Jakarta Brick City_09

● Kebaya House by Erwin.


● Kerak Telor by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_07

● Diponegoro Statue by Dennis Qiu.

Jakarta Brick City_06

Diponegoro Statue

● Jakarta Kota Train Station by Erwin.

Jakarta Brick City_31

Jakarta Kota Train Station

● Pemuda Membangun Statue by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_30

Pemuda Membangun Statue - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Wisma 46 by Dennis Qiu.

Jakarta Brick City_29

Wisma 46

● Selamat Datang Statue by Hendri Kamaluddin.

Jakarta Brick City_28

Selamat Datang Statue

● National Museum by Dendi Pratama.

Jakarta Brick City_27

● Menteng Park by Hardy Herosali.

Jakarta Brick City_26

Menteng Garden

● Pura Adhitya Jaya by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_25

Pura Adhitya Jaya - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Pancasila Sakti Monument by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_24

Pancasila Sakti Monument - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● State Palace by Hendratno Hartanto.

Jakarta Brick City_23

● National Monument (Monas) by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_22

Monas - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Istiqlal Mosque by Dendi Pratama.

Jakarta Brick City_21

Istiqlal Mosque

● Pahlawan Statue by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_20

Pahlawan Statue - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Catholic Cathedral Church by Charis Stella.

Jakarta Brick City_19

● Situ Lembang Park by Arlin Santoso.

Jakarta Brick City_18

Situ Lembang Garden

● Immanuel Protestant Church by Dendi Pratama.

Jakarta Brick City_17


● Pembebasan Irian Barat Statue by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_16

Pembebasan Irian Barat Statue - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Emporium Pluit Mall by Agus Rahmat.

Jakarta Brick City_15

Emporium Pluit Mall

● Diponegoro Statue by David Liming Halim.

Jakarta Brick City_14

Patung Diponegoro

● Buddhist Dharma Bhakti Temple by Kosmas Santosa.

Jakarta Brick City_13

Buddhist Dharma Bhakti Temple - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Dirgantara Statue by Agus Rahmat.

Jakarta Brick City_12

Dirgantara Statue

● Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Art Building) by Anton Budiono.

Jakarta Brick City_11

● Aula Jing Si Indonesia by Erwin.

Jakarta Brick City_10

Aula Jing Si Indonesia

● Trans Jakarta Bus Stop by Erwin.

Halte Busway

● Various Cars by Daniel.

Various Cars

● Delman by Kosmas Santosa.

Delman - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Bajaj by Kosmas Santosa.

Bajaj - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Bemo by Kosmas Santosa.

Bemo - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Metro Mini by Kosmas Santosa.

Metro Mini - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Kopaja by Kosmas Santosa.

Kopaja - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● Ondel-Ondel by Kosmas Santosa.

Ondel-Ondel - Jakarta Brick City 2015

● The public crowd enjoying the display:

Jakarta Brick City_05

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