March, 7th – 8th, 2015
Balai Kartini Exhibition & Convention Center
Jakarta – Indonesia

Dunia Bricks (Bricks World) is the biggest annual LEGO® event held by LEGO® Indonesia (Bricks Indonesia – ALJ), and here is our display builds during the event.

01_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Area preparation (one day before the event):

02_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Registration:

03_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Preparing MOCs:

04_Dunia Bricks 2015

Erwin & Charis Stella after preparing their MOC:

05_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Bhinneka LUG’s MOCs ready for display:

06_Dunia Bricks 2015

● The crowd queue to enter the event:

07_Dunia Bricks 2015

● LEGO® product discount area:

08_Dunia Bricks 2015

09_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Pick-A-Brick area:

10_Dunia Bricks 2015

11_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Display for the building competition:

12_Dunia Bricks 2015

13_Dunia Bricks 2015

14_Dunia Bricks 2015

● The Final Battle by Erwin:

15_Dunia Bricks 2015

● An Alien Encounter by Charis Stella:

16_Dunia Bricks 2015

● The Hangar by Abang Akhsanu Kalya:

17_Dunia Bricks 2015


● Galaxy Patrol by Kosmas Santosa:

18_Dunia Bricks 2015

● Winner announcement:

20_Dunia Bricks 2015

CONGRATS to our members, Erwin for being the 1st Winner and Andry Gosal for being the 3rd Winner of Dunia Bricks 2015 Master Builder competition!

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