March, 15th – 16th, 2014
Balai Kartini Exhibition & Convention Center
Jakarta – Indonesia

Dunia Bricks (Bricks World) is the biggest annual LEGO® event held by LEGO® Indonesia (Bricks Indonesia – ALJ), and here is our display builds during the event.

00_Dunia Bricks 2014

01_Dunia Bricks 2014

02_Dunia Bricks 2014

03_Dunia Bricks 2014

04_Dunia Bricks 2014

● Stacking Vignette Community Build coordinated by Kosmas Santosa & Hendri Kamaluddin.

05_Dunia Bricks 2014

08_Dunia Bricks 2014

07_Dunia Bricks 2014

06_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Medieval Barn & Windmill made by Kosmas Santosa & Erwin

09_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Space Exploration made by Kosmas Santosa & Dennis Qiu.

10_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Everyday Objects made by Kosmas Santosa.

11_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Everyday Objects made by Hartinih Liauw.

12_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Dogs Series made by Kosmas Santosa.

13_Dunia Bricks 2014

● Red Giant Mech made by Dennis Qiu.

14_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Warcraft made by Dennis Qiu.

15_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Trio Mechas made by Hendri Kamaluddin.

16_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Everyday Object made by Hendri Kamaluddin.

17_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Outland Ruins made by Charis Stella.

18_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Cute Car & Robots made by Gia Diwalty.

19_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Witch Doctor Mod made by Abang Akhsanu Kalya.

20_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Chi Warlord Mod made by Abang Akhsanu Kalya.

21_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Gorzan Mod made by Abang Akhsanu Kalya.

22_Dunia Bricks 2014

 Race Speeder & Assault Carrier made by Abang Akhsanu Kalya.

23_Dunia Bricks 2014

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