October, 19th – 20th, 2013
Kartika Expo Center – Balai Kartini
Jakarta – Indonesia

Battle of The Toys (BOTT) is one of the biggest annual Toys Fair and LEGO® event participated by LEGO® Indonesia (Bricks Indonesia – ALJ), and here is our display builds during the event.

00_BOTT 2013

09_BOTT 2013

 Airplane Squadrons made by Hendri Kamaluddin.

02_BOTT 2013

01_BOTT 2013

 Amaroq made by Dennis Qiu.

03_BOTT 2013

● Kavatar made by Dennis Qiu.

04_BOTT 2013

 Space Eagle made by Kosmas Santosa.

05_BOTT 2013

 Hulkbuster made by Kosmas Santosa. (Inspired by Jon San Pedro‘s Hulkbuster)

06_BOTT 2013

 Steampunk AT-RT made by Kosmas Santosa.

07_BOTT 2013